Facing myself…


I was trying to paint, but then I saw this wonderful rainbow. I showed it to my 2 years old daughter, because now she starts beeing excited for so many things she maybe never saw until now. It’s awesome seeing children beeing happy for the „small“ things in life, even though this so called small things are quite huge. We should give them a try and not just taking them for granted.

Since I’ve became  mother I realised that I don’t have to be everywhere all the time. I loved living in the Center of big cities and having a high life, but now I’m a bit sick of so many superficial attidudes. I went to Italy and I took a house, quite outside of central life. If I don’t want, I am not seeing anybody. There is just nature and ok, some stupid neighbours, but I am not that rich for beeing on a lonsome island. But I can find myself and I am trying to reinvent myself again. Hey I’m also writing in english, eventhough I know it will not be as good as it should be, but it’s a nice training!  

I can just say that life is hard sometimes, because I’m my worsed enemy. Nevertheless it’s also fullfilling finding out who I am and what do I want, afterall I have to live with myself.

Sometimes we have to fight our demons for beeing free! 


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